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Cleaning toilets and septic tanks

bioaktivatorActivators for cleaning of all types of sewer systems like cesspools, septic tanks, country toilets.

Elimination of blockages

SK P 45 500Means are used to eliminate blockages of sewer pipes.

Soot removal

trubochist thumbA Chimney Sweeper is a simple, fast and non-toxic way to keep chimney clean. This is an excellent alternative to mechanical cleaning.


biokompostinBiokompostin for growth of compost. Removes all odors from overheating compost, accelerates the processes of decomposition and formation of humus.


gidrogeliHydrogel - polymeric absorbent, retains moisture in the soil. Used for germinating seeds, growing pot plants, etc.

Plant Nutrition

Sapropel thumbCozy Garden - is a universal organic fertilizer created from relict lake sapropel.

Water Treatment

prudochistThe “Pond Cleaner” is an organic bioactivator that destroys algae and purifies water.

Against pests

vrediteli thumbMeans against garden pests.

Toilet bucket

zhidkost-dlya-biotualetovConcentrated liquid with a refreshing scent for the flush tank. Suitable for plastic and ceramic toilet bowls.

Solar lanterns

fonar Garden lanterns on solar batteries sold under the brand "Happy Cottager" can decorate a garden, flower bed, alpine slide or pond at the cottage.


The Happy Cottager  trademark represents in the domestic market a family of goods necessary for the management of the dacha or country farm. Products manufactured under the brand "Happy Cottager " are innovative products that make life in the country easier and more pleasant.

The line of bioactive drugs "Happy Cottager " is designed to help solve the problems of recycling household waste, preparing environmentally friendly fertilizers, eliminating unpleasant odors resulting from the decay of grass, leaves, food debris.

The line of decorative lanterns "Happy Cottager " is a celebration of light for your green economy, besides working on a natural source of energy - sunlight. Charged with energy from it during the day, solar-powered lights will illuminate your site all night.

You can purchase «Happy cottager» products at retail in the online store:

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