BIOCOMPOSTIN "Happy Cottager" is a biological system that facilitates the rapid processing of waste into a fertile compost.

Compost is an ideal means for soil enrichment with nutrients and microelements.

Compost is a product of processing of organic materials by microorganisms that make them available for plant nutrition.

Advantages of the biological system:

  • Facilitates the processing of garden waste (leaves, grass, etc.), as well as food waste.
  • Accelerates the composting process;
  • The product is environmentally friendly for humans, animals and plants.


BIOCOMPOSTIN "Happy Cottager" for accelerated composting (5 g tablet)

Application: pre-dissolve one tablet in 10 liters of warm, non-chlorinated water, allow to infuse for 45 minutes. Pour into the compost pile all over the area.

Top cover a pile of grass or a plastic wrap to create a greenhouse effect in it. Once every 15 days, you need to mix the contents of the heap to access air and keep it moist.

In dry weather, water the heap 1 time per week.

Compost maturation is 6-8 weeks.


Biokompostin for growth of compost. Removes all odors from overheating compost, accelerates the processes of decomposition and formation of humus.

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