The hydrogel absorbs water 100-200 times of its own weight, together with water it can absorb liquid fertilizers. The hydrogel is put into the soil, mixtures, composts and any other substrates used for growing plants. Used in indoor floriculture, when planting trees and shrubs, flowers, vegetables, for growing seedlings, laying lawns, in greenhouses, etc. It can also be used as an independent substrate for growing plants.



The hydrogel is a polymeric absorbent that absorbs water and retains it in an accessible form for plants. For normal growth and development of plants, they need a constant source of available water and nutrients. When waterlogged, they die, with insufficient irrigation develop poorly. In the soil, plant roots penetrate the swollen granules of the hydrogel and consume water and soluble fertilizers from there on demand. You do not need to worry about maintaining the optimum soil moisture regime - plants will take from the gel water and dissolved substances in it exactly as much as they need.

One application of hydrogel in the soil is sufficient for 3 years. During this period, it can dry out many times and then swell without changing its properties.

Application: Pre-soak (swelling) of the gel, or direct application of gel crystals to the soil. When pre-soaking, pour the crystals of hydrogel with water at a rate of 1 liter of water per 5 gr. crystals. Swelling time 8-12 hours. If necessary, drain excess water. For more details, see the inside of the box.

The particle size is 1-4 mm.

The hydrogel is not toxic to plants and soil microorganisms.

Shelf-life: 36 months from the production date indicated on the package

Weight: 10 gr.

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